Thursday, June 30th, 2016

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Karl Frisch, Executive Director of Allied Progress, via phone (Hr 1 – 6:06)

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On Wednesday, President Obama had another “last” – his last meeting at the NALC, the North American Leaders Conference in Canada, with Mexico’s young President, Enrique Peña Nieto, and Canada’s young progressive Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. And before he went to Canada’s Parliament, Pres. Obama decided he’d had enough of Donald Trump’s fake “populism”, so at a press conference, he let the orange-faced ferret wearing s***gibbon have it. As usual, President Obama was on point.

For his part, PM Trudeau and the entire Canadian Parliament not only welcomed Obama after that, for some remarks. They cheered him with chants of “Four More Years!” Yeah – we wish, our Canadian friends.

Meanwhile, back in the U.S., Sec. Clinton continues to climb in some polls over Trump, while only holding a thin lead in others. In other words, until she’s sworn in people, get your butts out there and help people get registered and vote – and help get Progressives elected on the local and state levels too!

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump campaigned on Wednesday as well – though he did it in Maine, which is an odd choice. He also continued blasting his GOP primary rivals, who he beat almost two months ago. Yeah – grudge much, orange-haired freak?

Finally, in a surprise move in UK politics, Donald Trump’s hair twin, Boris Johnson – one of the key leaders behind the ‘Leave’ movement who had helped engineer the disaster, in an attempt to become Prime Minister – announced that since the job is now a steaming pile of garbage, he was NOT going to run for PM.

Looks like gutless cowards not only look alike, but act alike. Must be the hair.

Wednesday, June 29th 2016

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Sheila E at 2012 VH1 Divas-09
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Another day, another act of terrorism, this time in another of the world’s busiest airports, in Istanbul, Turkey. At last check, 41 people had been killed – and no surprise, Donald Trump was ramping up the fear and hate rhetoric again, claiming that waterboarding would be a good idea.

That blast of bombast followed a day where Trump gave a trash pile of a speech on trade – which seemed appropriate, given that he was literally standing in front of a garbage pile. If he’d been standing in front of a dumpster on fire, the internet couldn’t have had a more apt visual metaphor.

Sec. Clinton campaigned in Denver and L.A. on Tuesday, deftly taking on the release of the 2 year trash pile that was the eighth Benghazi report – and which effectively vindicated her, once again. Clinton also focused on the economy, and those who’ve felt left out, as well as the terrorist attack in Istanbul.

Sen. Warren hit the campaign trail vis TV yesterday, going on The View and making it clear to bullies like Trump and Fmr Sen. Scott Brown that Warren will not be bullied by anyone, and that she and Clinton will definitely be taking on Wall St.

And while Sen. Bernie Sanders has yet to formally endorse Clinton, he too hit the TV circuit, making it clear that he’s been keeping the Democratic Party platform honest, to help working people.

Tuesday, June 28th 2016

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Yesterday was a great day to come back from vacation, with multiple wins at the Supreme Court. The ruling on home care workers is nice – everyone should be paid at least minimum wage. And domestic abusers absolutely should lose their gun rights. The Court also, unfortunately, let former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell off on his fraud charges – and sadly has made it harder to convict any politician of quid pro quo corruption in the future.

The big win came with the decision over the Texas anti-choice ruling, however. Not only did SCOTUS smack down the fake requirements that placed “undue burden” on women trying to get health care. In a single paragraph, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg effectively blocked all future similar bogus attempts to block access to abortion by anti-choice forces.

It was also a good day to watch the Sec. Clinton & Sen. Warren – the perfect President/VP ticket many think – beat the living snot out of the goofy, racist, bigoted, ignorant, Cheeto-faced, ferret wearing sh**gibbon that is Donald Trump. Not surprisingly, Trump lamely attempted to answer back, and simply flailed like child throwing a tantrum. A report also came out that confirmed electing Trump would push U.S. debt levels to their highest levels ever – another good reason to never vote for Donald.

In Europe – or not Europe – the mess surrounding Brexit isn’t over yet either. Sec. Kerry went to London and Brussels to try to help cool the negotiations, but so far, things there look to be a big mess for several years to come.

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Eric Boehlert, Senior Fellow at Media Matters – BY PHONE, in Hr 2

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Mama’s back! Did anything happen while Steph was away?

It may be three days later, but the world markets are still recovering from Steph’s vacation Brexit, after losing $2 Trillion dollars in value. Voters in the UK are already experiencing what’s being called ‘regrexit’ as more than 3.5 million have signed a petition to hold another referendum to undo last week’s vote, though most knowledgeable officials don’t think the EU or the UK governments will allow a “do-over.”

After mostly ignoring Brexit & while focusing on his golf resort, Trump slithered back to the US weekend, where he appears to be trying to change position on his mass deportation plan. At the same time, Republicans of all kinds, from George Will to Mitch McConnell, are trying to distance themselves as far as they can from Trump. Will even left the GOP officially over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Sec. Clinton and Sen Warren are holding their first joint campaign event today in Ohio, even as the Supreme Court releases it’s final rulings of the session, including a big ruling on abortion. This happens as Clinton has begun beating Trump badly in polling, up double digits in some polls. Of course, the only poll that matters? The VOTE in November!!! So get out there! Register! Vote! Be #StrongerTogether

Friday June 24, 2016

Gabe Ortiz, Writer, Organizer, Advocate in Hour 1
John Fugelsang, Comedian & Host of ‘Tell Me Everything’ on SiriusXM Insight, Ch 121 in Hour 2
Parvesh Cheena, Actor & Bernie backer in Hour 3
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Well, everybody warned us, when Mama goes on vacation, things blow up. And holy cow, the whole damned western world blew up yesterday. Overnight, the skeeters in the UK decided they would vote for the UK to leave the European Union. But those fools, just like Trump voters, obviously didn’t think the whole thing through.

The UK pound has now lost billions in vale, effectively wiping out any economic gains their nation has made in the last 14-plus years. It’s thrown the world markets into disarray. And those racist fools – who effectively said, “We hate brown people! So we’re going to destroy our country so they won’t come here anymore!” – likely won’t have much of a country to return to. Scotland and Northern Ireland wisely wanted to stay in the EU, and they’ve hated England and Wales for easily a thousand years. So now, both Scotland and Northern Ireland have said they’ll be holding votes soon to leave the UK and rejoin the EU.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, the Cheeto Jesus for morons, traveled to his golf course in Scotland, and in his press conference there, proceeded to brag about his golf course, and told reporters that he didn’t really need foreign policy advisors and there wasn’t anything to talk about.

And that was just this morning. Yesterday, House Democrats ended their sit-in for gun safety, and the Supreme Court ruled on affirmative action (good ruling), Immigration (not a great ruling), Native American sovereignty (good ruling). The Freddie Grey verdict also came down (bad ruling). And that was just the day in the courts.

On top of that, there was an attempted mass shooting in Germany, a massive oil spill near Ventura California, a massive settlement agreement from VW for their pollution scandal, a rare tornado in China killed 98, and the 50 year civil war between Columbia’s government and the rebel group FARC finally ended. And a jury found Led Zeppelin not guilty of copying the intro to ‘Stairway’ from another group.

Mama will be back Monday – Be nice to her!

Thursday June 23, 2016

Frangela filling in all this week!

Karl Frisch, Executive Director of Allied Progress, in Hour 1
Congressman Alan Grayson – Maybe from the House floor? – in Hour 2
Carlos Alazraqui, one of our favorite comedians – In Studio in Hour 2 and 3
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At least someone is standing up – or rather, sitting down – for democracy in Washington, or as the kids like to call it, “What the majority of America wants.” As we were getting off of Mama’s airwaves on Wednesday, Rep. John Lewis and the House Democrats were just getting started with their “No Bill No Break” sit-in inside the U.S. House of Representatives.

Not surprisingly, Speaker Paul Ryan is probably wishing he’d ran for president, or probably done anything but become Speaker of the House. He tried – lamely – to stuff, stop, and silence House Democrats, at one point calling for a vote on the Fiduciary Roll. That was an attempt by House Republicans to help their friends in the banking industry cheat investors, even while house Democrats were simply asking for a vote on gun safety bills, something 90% of Americans want.

Democrats both inside and outside wouldn’t stop though, even as Republicans shut down the cameras on C-SPAN. So Democrats innovated, grabbing their cell phones, and feeding the video to C-SPAN via Periscope & Facebook Live. Outside the Capitol building, protesters joined the House Democrats inside, berating Republicans as they left the House to do what some House Republicans openly said they’d be doing – drinking and smoking cigars.

Meanwhile, Republicans’ Trumpster fire of a presidential candidate, Donald Trump, gave a “speech” yesterday, which was little more than one of his biggest collection of lies and smears of Hillary Clinton. Trump may even have crossed the line with the legally slanderous claim that Clinton was trading favors for cash as Secretary of State.

Sec. Clinton gave her own rebuttal speech, giving detailed accounts of what her economic policies would do, and how she plans to implement them — and then she unloaded on Trump, exposing him for the gutless, cowering, childish bully he is.

One side of the political aisle keeps standing up for all of the American people – even when they’re sitting down – while the other side keeps showing who they really serve – and it isn’t the American people.

Today’s Show June 22, 2016

Frangela filling in all this week!

Dean Obeidallah of The Dean Obeidallah Show (Weekdays at Noon on SiriusXM Insight Ch 121) will join us in Hour 1.
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It’s Wednesday and the Cheeto Jesus of the GOP, Donald Trump, is supposed to be giving a major speech today bashing Hillary Clinton. That event will likely be like most of his appearances in the media currently – little more than another distraction from the massive problems of his campaign.

From Trump’s campaign being effectively broke, to his inability to raise money for the Republican Party, to his horrible business record, to his still not producing his tax records, to his kids seemingly giving him ultimatums about his campaign, the Trumpster fire only seems to keep getting higher.

On Tuesday, Donald went in front of a group of supposed evangelical leaders to lie about his faith, where he blasted Sec. Clinton saying no one has ever heard her say much about her faith – which was almost immediately debunked by video of Clinton in January, talking about her Methodist faith.

Meanwhile, Sec. Clinton laid out another blistering attack on Trump in her speech Tuesday about economics, and about how bad Trump would be for America, economically. She isn’t kidding; economists from the left, right, and center have all said what she laid out on Tuesday – a Donald Trump presidency would send America into another massive recession.

Sec Clinton was helped by Sen. Warren on Tuesday, who released a video of her own, blasting Trump for being a “fraud and a cheapskate’ and asking a very valid question: If everyone else has to pay their taxes, why doesn’t Donald Trump?

And in surprising news, the Senate appears to be working on some truly bipartisan gun safety legislation, after Republicans in the Senate on Monday did the bidding of their NRA masters and killed four gun safety bills.

Tuesday June 21st 2016

– Charlie Pierce of
– Jody Hamilton of the “From the Bunker” podcast

Here’s the copy for the day:
Another day, another vote on gun safety bills failed, thanks to the gutlessness and cowardice of too many in Congress – mostly Republicans, but a few paid-off Democrats as well. In case you missed it, the Senate did vote on four gun safety measures Monday afternoon, and all four failed. This, even as the latest poll, in line with other recent polls on gun safety, said 90% of Americans – including gun owners – want truly universal background checks. Other gun safety measures are also widely supported. Apparently, even gun owners don’t want ignorant, mentally ill people, or people on a terrorism watch list to have guns. Sadly, too many politicians desperate for money will still do whatever the NRA pays them to do.

Speaking of people desperate for money, fundraising numbers for May came in, and both Donald Trump and the Republican Party are looking like the amateurs they are, when it comes to being able to fund their election efforts this year. Hell – Ben Carson’s suspended presidential campaign has more cash-on-hand right now than Trump’s campaign does, and it’s been dormant (just like Carson) for months.

Apparently, Wall Street is also trying to throw their weight around, by attempting to scare off the Clinton campaign from picking Sen. Elizabeth Warren for VP – but sources who know say their little Wall Street tantrum probably will make it more likely that Clinton choose Warren, not less.

Speaking of Sec. Clinton, she’s set to give a major speech on Donald Trump’s economic plans this afternoon, similar to the address she gave recently where she exposed Trump’s foreign policy as total BS.

You know what that means: We’ll be spending the afternoon eatin’ popcorn, watching Hillary eat Donald’s lunch.

Monday, June 20th, 2016

Eric Boehlert, Senior Fellow at Media Matters – BY PHONE, in Hr 2

Lee Papa aka Rude Pundit – BY PHONE, in Hr 2 (7:30A)

Monique Marvez, Comedian & host of “The Monique Marvez Show” on KFI AM 640 IN STUDIO,in Hr 3

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It’s Steph’s vacation, but Frangela is in all this week, thankfully.

Today is the summer solstice, officially the longest day of the year, sunshine-wise. That’s not exactly a comforting thought to people in the South and West, where temps in places like Arizona reached 120F over the weekend. That’s almost as crazy as as taking a vacation to go hiking in Maine… (We kid!)

Congress is voting on gun safety bills today (If you haven’t called your Senators yet, do it now: 202-224-3121), and the weekend had some strange movement on that. While Donald Trump has the backing of the NRA, even Trump seems to be in favor of banning people on the terrorist watchlist from having guns. Guess that shows how stupid someone really has to be to vote against that kind of gun safety law.

Donald Trump is still causing all kinds of splits in the GOP, though. There’s even a movement now of people who say they’re going to challenge Trump at the GOP convention.

In good news, the Cleveland Cavaliers FINALLY won a NBA championship, doing what no team had ever done, coming back from a 3-1 loss record in the championship games. If that kind of magic can happen? Why not elect the first woman president too? 😉

Friday, June 17th 2016

CC Goldwater, filmmaker and friend of the show joins us IN STUDIO for all three hours.

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It’s the last day before vacation – and what a week it’s been!

After Wednesday’s filibuster, Democrats in the U.S. Senate were finally able to make Republicans say ‘uncle’, and now have votes scheduled for Monday on multiple separate gun safety bills. While no one sane is underestimating the cowardice of lawmakers bought and paid for by the NRA, these efforts actually have a bit more heft behind them this time. Groups from the Brady Campaign and Everytown for Gun Sense to even the American Medical Association – the AMA – are pushing Senators to vote the right way next Monday.

For his part, President Obama once again acted as the consoler-in-chief, flying to Orlando with Vice President Biden, to meet with and comfort the families of victims. At the same time, Pres. Obama also continued to press Congress to “do the right thing” on the gun safety measures coming up for a vote on Monday.

In Campaign 2016, the general election continued to heat up as Sec. Clinton earned the endorsement of America’s largest worker union, the AFL-CIO, and her campaign is beginning to seriously vet Sen. Elizabeth Warren for VP. Oddly, Sen. Bernie Sanders addressed his supporters in a video town hall last night, insisting he’s still not giving up his campaign yet, though it was fairly obvious the he will soon do so – and join Clinton in making sure Donald Trump never becomes president.

For Republicans, the news on Thursday didn’t get any better. Former Bush official and one of Right’s top national security figures, Dick Armitage, said that he will back Clinton over his own party’s nominee. Top consultant Rick Wilson utterly destroyed those cowardly Republicans now slinking their way behind Trump. And Sen. John McCain, in either the pander of the century or a scary senior moment, accused President Obama of being responsible for ISIS – which George W. Bush & Dick Cheney are actually responsible for. His staff, like the nurses at a senior home, rushed to clean up after him, putting out press releases and tweets that backtracked what McCain had said.

And in sad overseas news, progressive MP Jo Cox died, after a gun attack in Britain, by an apparently right-wing extremist. Be careful out there folks. Frangela is in next week!

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

Frisch 2013
Karl Frisch, Executive Director of Allied Progress, via phone (Hr 1 – 6:06)

Rick Overton, Emmy Award Winning Actor, Comedian, Activist IN STUDIO Hr 3

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So… What did you DO about gun safety in America in the last 24 hours? If you’re a Democratic member of the U.S. Senate, you most likely finally stood up and said “Enough!” After a 14 hour 51 minute filibuster began by Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, a long list of Democratic Senators – and two Republican Senators, Sen. Ben Sasse and Sen. Pat Toomey – held the floor of the U.S. Senate, demanding a vote on two major gun safety bills: Expanding background checks to be truly universal, and the so-called ‘No Fly-No Buy’ bill, which would prevent anyone on the official terrorism watchlists from buying any firearms.

Sec Clinton also made it clear she stood with Democratic members of the Senate in their efforts, as did many famous Americans, including Oprah Winfrey, who officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for President yesterday.

Most Republicans did what Republicans have gotten very good at doing lately; staying quiet, and avoiding reporters and the media.

That really shouldn’t be much of a surprise, considering their nominee for president, who has dragged Republican favorability ratings to all time lows. He’s done it through a series of lies, slanders, and hypocrisy, including claiming the LGBTQAI community supports his comments after Orlando, that U.S. soldiers stole money from the government in Iraq, and that President Obama is secretly in league with the terrorists.

And it’s only June.

Plenty of time for YOU to do something too. #StrongerTogether