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For those people foolish enough to think a Donald Trump presidency would be filled with anything other than petulance and drama, the world got a taste of what that nightmare might look like on Tuesday. Trump tried – and failed – to defend his claims in January that he’d already chosen the veterans groups he was supposedly given $6M to, and that he’d already given that money to those groups a long time ago.

When members of the media from across the spectrum confronted Trump with the fact that his claims didn’t match reality, he did what any short-tempered, arrogant bully does — and began beating up on those using facts to expose his lies.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton picked up the endorsement of California’s Governor Jerry Brown, a person who’s feuded with the Clintons in the past. Clinton also picked the first ever presidential endorsement of the NRDC, a group that hasn’t always stood with Clinton. Both endorsements seem to highlight the difference between how progressives and Trump handle disagreements.

Speaking of endorsements and Trump, the Republican nominee also picked up an endorsement Tuesday – the insane, crazy-haired leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. [Try reading that without hearing Jim Ward’s impression of Kim Jong Un in your mind. You can’t do it.]

Back in the U.S., while the Colorado GOP is still passing around racists photos of President Obama, the President himself is headed to Elkhart, Indiana today to highlight the economic news that consumer spending in the U.S. – a sign of continued improvement – is at it’s highest level in six years. That trends along with Obama’s approval ratings, which are also at their highest level in years.