Gabe Ortiz, Writer, Organizer, Advocate in Hour 1
John Fugelsang, Comedian & Host of ‘Tell Me Everything’ on SiriusXM Insight, Ch 121 in Hour 2
Parvesh Cheena, Actor & Bernie backer in Hour 3
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Well, everybody warned us, when Mama goes on vacation, things blow up. And holy cow, the whole damned western world blew up yesterday. Overnight, the skeeters in the UK decided they would vote for the UK to leave the European Union. But those fools, just like Trump voters, obviously didn’t think the whole thing through.

The UK pound has now lost billions in vale, effectively wiping out any economic gains their nation has made in the last 14-plus years. It’s thrown the world markets into disarray. And those racist fools – who effectively said, “We hate brown people! So we’re going to destroy our country so they won’t come here anymore!” – likely won’t have much of a country to return to. Scotland and Northern Ireland wisely wanted to stay in the EU, and they’ve hated England and Wales for easily a thousand years. So now, both Scotland and Northern Ireland have said they’ll be holding votes soon to leave the UK and rejoin the EU.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, the Cheeto Jesus for morons, traveled to his golf course in Scotland, and in his press conference there, proceeded to brag about his golf course, and told reporters that he didn’t really need foreign policy advisors and there wasn’t anything to talk about.

And that was just this morning. Yesterday, House Democrats ended their sit-in for gun safety, and the Supreme Court ruled on affirmative action (good ruling), Immigration (not a great ruling), Native American sovereignty (good ruling). The Freddie Grey verdict also came down (bad ruling). And that was just the day in the courts.

On top of that, there was an attempted mass shooting in Germany, a massive oil spill near Ventura California, a massive settlement agreement from VW for their pollution scandal, a rare tornado in China killed 98, and the 50 year civil war between Columbia’s government and the rebel group FARC finally ended. And a jury found Led Zeppelin not guilty of copying the intro to ‘Stairway’ from another group.

Mama will be back Monday – Be nice to her!