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Karl Frisch, Executive Director of Allied Progress, in Hour 1
Congressman Alan Grayson – Maybe from the House floor? – in Hour 2
Carlos Alazraqui, one of our favorite comedians – In Studio in Hour 2 and 3
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At least someone is standing up – or rather, sitting down – for democracy in Washington, or as the kids like to call it, “What the majority of America wants.” As we were getting off of Mama’s airwaves on Wednesday, Rep. John Lewis and the House Democrats were just getting started with their “No Bill No Break” sit-in inside the U.S. House of Representatives.

Not surprisingly, Speaker Paul Ryan is probably wishing he’d ran for president, or probably done anything but become Speaker of the House. He tried – lamely – to stuff, stop, and silence House Democrats, at one point calling for a vote on the Fiduciary Roll. That was an attempt by House Republicans to help their friends in the banking industry cheat investors, even while house Democrats were simply asking for a vote on gun safety bills, something 90% of Americans want.

Democrats both inside and outside wouldn’t stop though, even as Republicans shut down the cameras on C-SPAN. So Democrats innovated, grabbing their cell phones, and feeding the video to C-SPAN via Periscope & Facebook Live. Outside the Capitol building, protesters joined the House Democrats inside, berating Republicans as they left the House to do what some House Republicans openly said they’d be doing – drinking and smoking cigars.

Meanwhile, Republicans’ Trumpster fire of a presidential candidate, Donald Trump, gave a “speech” yesterday, which was little more than one of his biggest collection of lies and smears of Hillary Clinton. Trump may even have crossed the line with the legally slanderous claim that Clinton was trading favors for cash as Secretary of State.

Sec. Clinton gave her own rebuttal speech, giving detailed accounts of what her economic policies would do, and how she plans to implement them — and then she unloaded on Trump, exposing him for the gutless, cowering, childish bully he is.

One side of the political aisle keeps standing up for all of the American people – even when they’re sitting down – while the other side keeps showing who they really serve – and it isn’t the American people.