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It was a historic last ‘Super Tuesday’ last night in the United States of America as former Secretary Hillary Clinton passed the point in the vote totals where she became the first ever presumptive nominee for president of a major political party in this nation. Even with clear and strong wins from California to New Jersey, she was gracious to Sen. Bernie Sanders, making it clear that “unity is better than division” and that we are all “better together.”

For his part, Sen. Sanders arrived late to his rally in Santa Monica – after 2AM East Coast time – and was alternately kind and defiant to Sec. Clinton. What was obvious is that Sanders does NOT want Trump to win, and he seemed to make some comments towards future reconciliation, even as he promised to take things all the way to the Democratic convention.

It may not have helped Sanders that a blistering expose, obviously created from leaks inside his own campaign, came out in Politico Tuesday night, showing that whatever positivity Sanders’ fans have been experiencing, life inside his campaign has been anything but harmonious.

On the GOP side, even as the Trumpster fire continued to explode, and Republicans of all striped denounced and ran away from him, Donald Trump took the podium last night to give a stilted and odd speech – from a teleprompter – after a non-apology apology press release earlier in the day over his racist comments towards a judge.

The general election starts today, folks. Game on.