– Charlie Pierce of Esquire.com
– Jody Hamilton of the “From the Bunker” podcast

Here’s the copy for the day:
Another day, another vote on gun safety bills failed, thanks to the gutlessness and cowardice of too many in Congress – mostly Republicans, but a few paid-off Democrats as well. In case you missed it, the Senate did vote on four gun safety measures Monday afternoon, and all four failed. This, even as the latest poll, in line with other recent polls on gun safety, said 90% of Americans – including gun owners – want truly universal background checks. Other gun safety measures are also widely supported. Apparently, even gun owners don’t want ignorant, mentally ill people, or people on a terrorism watch list to have guns. Sadly, too many politicians desperate for money will still do whatever the NRA pays them to do.

Speaking of people desperate for money, fundraising numbers for May came in, and both Donald Trump and the Republican Party are looking like the amateurs they are, when it comes to being able to fund their election efforts this year. Hell – Ben Carson’s suspended presidential campaign has more cash-on-hand right now than Trump’s campaign does, and it’s been dormant (just like Carson) for months.

Apparently, Wall Street is also trying to throw their weight around, by attempting to scare off the Clinton campaign from picking Sen. Elizabeth Warren for VP – but sources who know say their little Wall Street tantrum probably will make it more likely that Clinton choose Warren, not less.

Speaking of Sec. Clinton, she’s set to give a major speech on Donald Trump’s economic plans this afternoon, similar to the address she gave recently where she exposed Trump’s foreign policy as total BS.

You know what that means: We’ll be spending the afternoon eatin’ popcorn, watching Hillary eat Donald’s lunch.