Eric Boehlert, Senior Fellow at Media Matters – BY PHONE, in Hr 2

Lee Papa aka Rude Pundit – BY PHONE, in Hr 2 (7:30A)

Monique Marvez, Comedian & host of “The Monique Marvez Show” on KFI AM 640 IN STUDIO,in Hr 3

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It’s Steph’s vacation, but Frangela is in all this week, thankfully.

Today is the summer solstice, officially the longest day of the year, sunshine-wise. That’s not exactly a comforting thought to people in the South and West, where temps in places like Arizona reached 120F over the weekend. That’s almost as crazy as as taking a vacation to go hiking in Maine… (We kid!)

Congress is voting on gun safety bills today (If you haven’t called your Senators yet, do it now: 202-224-3121), and the weekend had some strange movement on that. While Donald Trump has the backing of the NRA, even Trump seems to be in favor of banning people on the terrorist watchlist from having guns. Guess that shows how stupid someone really has to be to vote against that kind of gun safety law.

Donald Trump is still causing all kinds of splits in the GOP, though. There’s even a movement now of people who say they’re going to challenge Trump at the GOP convention.

In good news, the Cleveland Cavaliers FINALLY won a NBA championship, doing what no team had ever done, coming back from a 3-1 loss record in the championship games. If that kind of magic can happen? Why not elect the first woman president too? 😉