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Yesterday was a great day to come back from vacation, with multiple wins at the Supreme Court. The ruling on home care workers is nice – everyone should be paid at least minimum wage. And domestic abusers absolutely should lose their gun rights. The Court also, unfortunately, let former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell off on his fraud charges – and sadly has made it harder to convict any politician of quid pro quo corruption in the future.

The big win came with the decision over the Texas anti-choice ruling, however. Not only did SCOTUS smack down the fake requirements that placed “undue burden” on women trying to get health care. In a single paragraph, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg effectively blocked all future similar bogus attempts to block access to abortion by anti-choice forces.

It was also a good day to watch the Sec. Clinton & Sen. Warren – the perfect President/VP ticket many think – beat the living snot out of the goofy, racist, bigoted, ignorant, Cheeto-faced, ferret wearing sh**gibbon that is Donald Trump. Not surprisingly, Trump lamely attempted to answer back, and simply flailed like child throwing a tantrum. A report also came out that confirmed electing Trump would push U.S. debt levels to their highest levels ever – another good reason to never vote for Donald.

In Europe – or not Europe – the mess surrounding Brexit isn’t over yet either. Sec. Kerry went to London and Brussels to try to help cool the negotiations, but so far, things there look to be a big mess for several years to come.