Tuesday, May 31st 2016

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As America returns from a long Memorial Day weekend, the Democratic primary heads into the final stretch, with primaries in six states happening next Tuesday. Sen Bernie Sanders continues to say somewhat confusing things about unifying Dems, but one key message he keeps repeating is clear: He’ll do whatever it takes to help beat Donald Trump. If you understand math, that means he’s going to be supporting Hillary Clinton & urging his supporters to do the same.

Meanwhile, the Trumpster fire continues in the GOP, as the Republican nominee Donald Trump and his campaign continue to stumble and fight with everyone. Trump’s lies keep piling up too; on donations to veterans, on immigration, and over the weekend, on the drought in California. Trump said the drought was over – which is news to scientists, who know that California is still suffering the worst drought in 500 years.

The Republican Party seems to be in even worse shape, as former young leaders in the GOP like Marco Rubio are apologizing for their previous critiques of Trump, and now pretty much bowing to whatever Trump wants.

For those people who still think a third party effort in America today is viable (It’s not – again, do the math), the Libertarian Party chose their Presidential & VP candidates over the weekend, after a parade of potential nominees — including at least one candidate who stripped naked, live on C-SPAN.

That act alone will certainly qualify as memorable, though that’s certainly not what Memorial Day is supposed to be about.

Friday, May 27th 2016

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It’s Memorial Day weekend!!! Seems like the entire world needs a break from the insanity that has been the 2016 U.S. presidential primaries so far. President Obama tried to give the world that very solemn and calming start as he gave a brief address in Hiroshima, Japan, at the site where America first dropped a nuclear bomb during World War II.

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump didn’t seem to care what anyone else wanted, as he once again vainly attacked Elizabeth Warren, even as it’s obvious she’s really gotten to him. Trump also blustered on about the proposed debate between himself and Bernie Sanders. You’d think he would have talked more about the fact that he clinched the nomination on Thursday, as several uncommitted Republican delegates committed to voting for him – but things like details aren’t nearly as attention grabbing as picking fights.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders went on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and also talked about the debate, along with some policy discussion, while Hillary Clinton went on the Ellen show and talked a bit about her past, her family, and a bit about policy. Wonder which side is really serious about governing this country. The polls are also looking better for both Sec. Clinton and Sen. Sanders, as both of them continue to trounce Trump.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, be safe, and thank a veteran or first responder!

Thursday, May 26th 2016

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Even while some of the media prattles on about the new report that Hillary Clinton, like many other former Secretaries of State from both parties, seems to have abused State Department rules on email, the fact is, Clinton didn’t actually break any laws. Of course, if you believe the hyperventilating Clinton haters, you probably also ought to be crucified for stealing rolls of tape from work, or photocopying your ass.

Speaking of breaking protocol, after Bernie Sanders forwarded a question to Donald Trump, through late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel, it appears the pending GOP nominee, and the won’t be Democratic nominee are looking to set up a debate between them in California before the primary there. If you don’t think Clinton won’t crash that debate, you obviously don’t know her that well either.

Overseas in Japan, President Obama has made it clear other world leaders are rattled by Trump’s arrogance and ignorance.

Meanwhile, the War on Workers (which hasn’t stopped since the 1970s) keeps beating on working Americans, while the GOP is set to officially nominate yet another selfish corporatist in Donald Trump – and he’s not ashamed of screwing other people so he can make a buck, something he’s proudly saying right now. At the same time, his attacks on Hillary Clinton for Bill Clinton’s mistakes in the 1990s look to be ineffective, even while Sen. Elizabeth Warren and several other Democrats keep landing heavy blows on Trump.

Wednesday, May 25th 2016

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It’s another day-after-a-primary, and once again, Clinton and Trump were winners – though because Washington state already had a Democratic caucus (even though about four times as many voters showed up for the primary over the caucus) Clintons’ win doesn’t count for anything. Talk about a rigged system.

In New Mexico last night, Trump gave a speech – and protesters finally had enough. Apparently, New Mexicans don’t like the guy who wants to prevent any other new Mexicans – or any other immigrant – from becoming Americans.

Truthfully, just as John Melendez predicted, Trump’s old comments that reveal who he truly is are already beginning to cause problems for him. The latest fuel for the Trumpster fire is a 2006 interview he did for Trump University, where Trump said that he hoped a big real estate crash would happen so he could “make a lot of money.”

That comment earned him a verbal ass-whuppin’ from Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio on the floor of the U.S House, and a blistering condemnation from Sen. Elizabeth Warren at a speech on Thursday. It also allowed former Sen Bill Bradley to expose Trump’s lies on taxes even further.

Trump also got called out by Jake Tapper for trying to use old, proven lies & smears from the 1990s.

Tuesday, May 24th 2016

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Next Elections/Next Major Political Event
TODAY, May 24 Washington (state) (Closed Primary, GOP Only)
Sat, June 04 Virgin Islands Caucus (Open Caucus, Dems only)
Sun June 05 Puerto Rico Primary (Open Primary, Dems Only)

Monday, May 23rd 2016

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Holy crap, it’s Monday again – and that Prince Tribute by Madonna at the Billboard Awards gave everyone in America a hangover – except of course Donald Trump, who continues to claim he’s never had a drink. Of course, he’s also probably lying about that too.

Just over the weekend alone, Trump tried to be on both sides of the topic of guns in school classrooms, it looks like he’s going to use campaign donations to pay himself back – after he said he would never do that, and the Trump campaign had to admit he didn’t actually raise $6 Million for veterans. Even the NRA is catching hell for backing Trump, after he said he supported gun safety laws. And – no surprise – data from the Republican primaries is showing that despite Trump’s claims, he hasn’t actually expanded the GOP.

And while much of the mainstream media is screaming about polls, the fact is that polls don’t mean much this far out from the general election – a fact Hillary Clinton calmly noted over the weekend.

In fact, even as the Democratic primaries continue, and Bernie Sanders continues to say Democratic voters should choose him, both Sanders and Clinton seem to be moving towards a single message – that everyone on the Left, as well as all Americans are stronger together. Also unsurprisingly, that’s why right-wing trolls are trying to pose as lefties, in an increasingly sad attempt to divide Progressives and Liberals so that Trump can win.

Meanwhile, President Obama is making new allies in foreign policy during his trip to Southeast Asia, even as Congress is – shockingly – actually getting some real work done.

A GOP-led Congress doing actual work? Looks like anything is possible after all.

Friday, May 20th 2016

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Someone finally said it, and thankfully it was Hillary Clinton.

In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Thursday, Former Secretary of State – and likely Democratic Nominee – Hillary Clinton flat out told Cuomo that Donald Trump is not qualified to be President of The United States. She went on to note that Trump’s comments and tweets, before anyone knows for sure, that the crash of the EgyptAir jet this week was terrorism, is the kind of reckless talk that’s dangerous to the United States.

While Clinton was being presidential with CNN, Trump seemed to be practicing to be a fascist dictator, trashing Hillary Clinton at a Chris Christie fundraiser. This after recently going on Fox and effectively threatening Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos for publishing criticism of Trump.

Meanwhile, Sen. Bernie Sanders may be changing his tune, ever so subtly, he seems to have continued noting he beats Trump in the polls, while stopping some of his attacks against Clinton, and beginning to note Democratic unity and togetherness in his speeches.

While Congress did make positive steps on Thursday towards marijuana and getting rid of the traitorous confederate flag, unfortunately Republicans in the House played a bait-n-switch, screwing over LGBT Americans once again.

Thursday, May 19th 2016

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Another plane has gone down mysteriously – this one of a plane headed from Paris to Cairo – so cable news has gone into full crazy speculation mode. That hasn’t slowed down the crazy news coming from the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

It’s like opposite world, as somewhat surprisingly, the Democratic Party seems to be the one dealing with serious internal conflict between Sanders’ extremists and the rest of the party. Many are calling for Sanders to get out now, while many others say Sanders has every right to stay in, even though he’s effectively mathematically eliminated.

Amid the Democratic infighting, Republicans seem to have finally agreed to give up on a third party alternative to Trump, and Bill O’Reilly is even entreating his viewers to stop hating Obama & Clinton. At the same time as Democrats keep fighting, Donald Trump seems to be gaining in the polls and moving forward. Trump even released a list of potential Supreme Court nominees on Wednesday, a murderer’s row of conservative extremist judges who would almost assuredly turn the Supreme Court into a wholly illegitimate institution.

Meanwhile, some in DC actually tried to get some governing accomplished on Wednesday, as Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee got her fellow House members to discuss and even vote on repealing the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force. At the same time, Speaker Paul Ryan looks to have struck a deal with President Obama to help Puerto Rico with its massive debt problem.

Wednesday, May 18th 2016

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It was another primary Tuesday, and – no surprise – Donald Trump won the Republican primary in Oregon. For the Democrats, however, Clinton and Sanders split the night, with Sec. Clinton winning by a razor-thin margin in Kentucky, while Sen. Sanders won by nine percent in Oregon. That may sound like a great win for Sanders – his first in a closed primary state. But in order for it to have really been great for the Sanders campaign, he needed to win Oregon by 20 and he needed to win Kentucky by a solid margin, neither of which happened.

Those two contest results, lumped together with the events of the weekend in Nevada, the current reported rift between labor and environmentalists, and capped by Sanders’ threatened ultimatum to the DNC in his speech Tuesday night, make the current Trumpster fire in the GOP look positively cozy compared to sudden explosion on the Left. It’s even made some comment openly if Sanders wants to be the Ralph Nader of 2016.

On the right, it was a downright lovefest between Fox’s Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump on Tuesday night, even if more of his lies and chicanery were exposed. Trump also stumbled on Tuesday in an interview with Reuters, saying he’d be winning to meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un – after last week making it clear he might not want to meet with the Prime Minister of the UK.

In the midst of all this, President Obama just kept doing what real progressives do, making progress by boosting the pay of millions through expansion of labor overtime rules.

Tuesday, May 17th 2016

TODAY Oregon (Closed Primary, Both Parties) Kentucky (Closed Primary, Dems only)

Arianna Huffington – Author, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Hr 2 (7:30),
Talking about her latest book ‘The Sleep Revolution’ & the 2016 election

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It’s a Tuesday – so that means more primary elections, today for both parties in Oregon, and for just the Democrats in Kentucky. It’s likely that Sec. Clinton and Sen. Sanders will split the elections, and they’ll definitely split the delegates – all of which won’t change the fact that Clinton is already effectively the Democratic nominee.

On the right, the Trumpster fire that is the GOP’s presidential nominee continues to talk out of both sides of his face. On Monday, after more than a year of trashing pollsters, and insisting he doesn’t need to hire a pollster, Trump did the traditional Republican thing and hired a veteran GOP pollster.

Both Clinton & Trump camps are also beginning to leak some of their strategies to the media – and as expected, it looks to be a brutal next six months.

While the GOP-led US Congress continues to do nothing, the Supreme Court decided not to decide on Monday, on another challenge to the birth control provisions of the ACA, effectively giving a win to pro-women’s forces.

And at the state level, in a surprise turnabout, the Oklahoma state legislature is finally looking at Medicaid expansion, as allowed for in the ACA.