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Even while a segment of Canada as large as Chicago burned this weekend, the Trumpster fire of the 2016 election rolled on this weekend here in the U.S. Donald Trump, the lump at the center of that disaster, began trying to trash Hillary Clinton – and in the process, took a swipe at Elizabeth Warren. Elsewhere, Caribou Barbie, the former half-time Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, crawled out from under her rock to trash Speaker Paul Ryan on behalf of the orange-skinned monster that is He, Trump.

How worried is the rest of the world about Trump? Even Saudi princes are urging Americans to make a choice other than Trump. Meanwhile, in London, they elected that world city’s first Muslim mayor, even as Prince Harry began hosting the Invictus games in South Florida.

Thankfully, to counter the insanity, President Obama gave a brilliant commencement address at Howard University that once again made clear exactly what Progressivism is – and it’s exactly where America ought to be.