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It was another Election Tuesday yesterday, and as expected, Trump won in both West Virginia and Nebraska for the Republicans, while Sanders won in West Virginia. Oddly, Nebraska also had a Democratic Primary, which Hillary Clinton won – but because Nebraska Democrats also had a caucus earlier in the year, her win didn’t really count. (Yet, we don’t hear Hillary fans complaining… #justsayin )

In response to Sander’s recent string of wins, it appears Hillary is once again buying ads for the primary. At the same time, she continues to push forward, detailing her well-thought out plans to actually fix America’s problems.

Meanwhile, the roaring Trumpster fire continues on for the GOP. And now it appears that Trump won’t be releasing his tax records before the election after all. At the same time, after flip-flopping on his tax plan four times in four days, the Trump campaign appears to be rewriting his plan, yet again. All this while the Trump campaign just openly chose a white nationalist to be one of his delegates to this summer’s GOP convention. And just think – Trump is less popular with Americans than head lice, root canals, or the much-maligned rock band Nickelback.

The mainstream media also continues to cover the campaign horribly – though thankfully, Jon Stewart came onto David Axelrod’s podcast the other day to blast them for their incompetence, as he used to do daily. Thankfully, Stewart will be back on TV this fall on HBO. And not a moment too soon.