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Holy crap, it’s Monday again – and that Prince Tribute by Madonna at the Billboard Awards gave everyone in America a hangover – except of course Donald Trump, who continues to claim he’s never had a drink. Of course, he’s also probably lying about that too.

Just over the weekend alone, Trump tried to be on both sides of the topic of guns in school classrooms, it looks like he’s going to use campaign donations to pay himself back – after he said he would never do that, and the Trump campaign had to admit he didn’t actually raise $6 Million for veterans. Even the NRA is catching hell for backing Trump, after he said he supported gun safety laws. And – no surprise – data from the Republican primaries is showing that despite Trump’s claims, he hasn’t actually expanded the GOP.

And while much of the mainstream media is screaming about polls, the fact is that polls don’t mean much this far out from the general election – a fact Hillary Clinton calmly noted over the weekend.

In fact, even as the Democratic primaries continue, and Bernie Sanders continues to say Democratic voters should choose him, both Sanders and Clinton seem to be moving towards a single message – that everyone on the Left, as well as all Americans are stronger together. Also unsurprisingly, that’s why right-wing trolls are trying to pose as lefties, in an increasingly sad attempt to divide Progressives and Liberals so that Trump can win.

Meanwhile, President Obama is making new allies in foreign policy during his trip to Southeast Asia, even as Congress is – shockingly – actually getting some real work done.

A GOP-led Congress doing actual work? Looks like anything is possible after all.