Friday, April 29th, 2016

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Former House Speaker John Boehner may be gone from his old job, but after Thursday, he’s certainly not forgotten. In case you missed it, Boehner, at an event at Stanford, compared Sen. Ted Cruz to Lucifer and said that he never worked with a more miserable SOB than Cruz. Of course, this sent Cruz into defensive overdrive – and sent the media scrambling to cover the namecalling.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump had yet another major rally followed by massive violence, that much of the media didn’t cover. It’s not entirely surprising the national political media is missing a few things this weekend, as it’s once again White House Correspondents Dinner weekend.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the country, the 2016 political races continue – and Americans hate the GOP more this year than at any time since 1992. Meanwhile, Americans seem to have a more favorable view of Democrats.

Finally, as columnist Eugene Robinson suggests, if Hillary Clinton chooses Sen. Elizabeth Warren for her VP – assuming she gets the Democratic nomination this summer – it could be a real landslide election for Democrats this fall.

Unless, of course, Lefties stay home like they did in 2010 & 2014.

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Lee Papa, the Rude Pundit, with us IN STUDIO for the fourth and final day the SM Show hostage crisis.

Karl Frisch, Executive Director of Allied Progress, Via Phone

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While Donald Trump was making a fool of himself on Wednesday, with his contradictory and backwards so-called foreign policy speech and his inability to even pronounce other nations, Ted Cruz decided to go for the votes in the state of denial, naming Carly Fiorina his VP nominee. It got even more weird when Ms. Fiorina decided to sing, from the announcement podium, the song she sometimes sings to Cruz’ two young kids.

Back in the real world, the Sanders campaign appears to be in transition already, cutting several hundred staff members, as Fmr. Sec. Clinton takes a day off the campaign trail.

In justice news, former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was sentenced to 15 months in jail, for attempting to hide his sexual abuse of high school wrestlers he coached in the 90s.

In health care news, Obamacare appears to be working even better than many expected – which is why Speaker Paul Ryan is now saying he wants to end certain parts of Obamacare.

And sadly, it appears Prince may have been dealing with his own health problems before he died, specifically an addiction to prescription painkillers, according to CNN & TMZ.

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Results from Tuesday
Clinton wins 4 of 5 CT, DE, MD, PA
Sanders wins RI

Trump wins all 5: CT, DE, MD, PA, RI

The Rude Pundit joins us in studio AGAIN, because he can!

Margaret Cho in Hr 1 (6:30) talking about her first new album in 6 years, “American Myth”

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After Tuesday’s primaries, barring something incredibly unusual, it looks like both the Democratic & Republican Parties have their nominees – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Unsurprisingly, Trump capped off his victory speech Tuesday with what may be one of the most sexist things Trump has said about Clinton to date. Also unsurprisingly, Clinton knocked back Trump’s slam with the perfect response:”If fighting for women’s health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in!”

Trump also went on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and clearly stated that he’s going to try to steal Bernie Sanders’ ideas and pass them off as his own.

On top of all this, it also appears that the lawsuit against Trump University will go to trial during the election this year – and Trump may have to testify.

In non-election news, a new poll confirmed that American millennials hate capitalism. Also, Prince may not have had a will.


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It’s another primary election Tuesday, or as some have nicknamed this one, ‘The Acela Primaries.’ The frontrunners in each party, Clinton and Trump, both look to pick up solid wins in multiple states today, if the polls are to be believed. Voters nationwide seem more than willing to be done with the nomination process already.

Meanwhile, in legal and justice news, the city of Cleveland settled with the family of Tamir Rice on Monday for $6M, while the stalker of journalist and sports reporter Erin Andrews settled with her as well. In Florida, a federal judge has once again stopped another stupid anti-choice restriction. Unfortunately, in North Carolina, a different federal judge has upheld that state’s photo voter ID law.

In entertainment news, New England Patriot Tom Brady looks like he might have to serve a four game suspension for playing with his balls anyway, after a judge ruled the NFL’s suspension was completely in-bounds.

Monday, April 25th. 2016

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It’s another busy monday, as President Obama wraps up his European trip in Germany today, where he announced he’s sending an additional 250 Special Operations forces to assist local forces fighting ISIS. At the same time, U.S. forces began a massive cyber attack on ISIS over the weekend.

In other news of strange allies, Sen. Ted Cruz & Gov. John Kasich made it clear Sunday night that they’re teaming up to fight Donald Trump to a draw, forcing the contested convention many on the right seem to be wanting.

In even stranger news, Charles Koch told ABC News’ Jon Karl over the weekend that Bill Clinton was, in many ways, a better president than George W. – and that Hillary also might be better than any of the Republicans running this cycle.

Meanwhile, Senator Sanders did himself no favors this weekend, seeming to blame poor people not voting for him as a reason his campaign seems to be losing momentum. Sanders has been losing in states with higher inequality, though he’s been losing to Fmr. Sec. Hillary Clinton, not apathy.

Finally, the Prince tributes continued over the weekend, with amazing covers of Prince songs by Bruce Springsteen, Adam Levine, and Elton John, even as Prince’s body was cremated, and his close circle held a private memorial service.

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

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Today is Earth Day, though millions of people around the world may still be focusing on the death of one of the most talented, barrier-breaking artists in history, Prince. From all-night dance parties in Minneapolis, to Broadway shows closing with impromptu renditions of Prince songs, to public acts of mourning around the world, the loss of Prince is being deeply felt across the globe.

Life does keep moving, however, and the 2016 U.S. political race did continue Thursday, with at least one candidate, Gov. John Kasich, publically noting how he wished he’d seen Prince in concert. Elsewhere, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Fmr. Secretary Clinton seem to be trying to patch things up, on their way to the Democratic nomination. At the same time, Republican candidates for their party’s nomination are still fighting over which Americans should use what bathrooms, even as a growing list of other prominent Republicans are making it clear they won’t be caught anywhere near the GOP’s ugly pissing match in Cleveland this summer.

Meanwhile, President Obama is urging the Britain to remain in the EU, before his lunch with Queen Elizabeth later today.

In positive news, today is Earth Day, & contrary to so many, Earth is not as doomed as they say.

And in even more positive news, there may be a silver lining to Prince’s death. After the artist’s death was announced Thursday, MTV dumped their normal programming, and went back to playing music videos. And in related news, it appears that MTV may be going back to its music-dominated roots on a permanent basis in the near future.

Guess we now know what it takes to get MTV to play music videos again.

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Frisch 2013
Karl Frisch, Executive Director of Allied Progress, LIVE – IN STUDIO, ALL THREE HOURS

Jacki Schechner, Health & Political Guru in Hr 2

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In news of monetary justice, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew made a long overdue, but welcome announcement on Wednesday that anti-slavery activist Harriet Tubman is now set to replace noted racist President Andrew Jackson on the $20. He also announced that Hamilton would stay on the $10, while several other women of note, and Martin Luther King Jr. would also be added to the $5, $10, and $20 bills.

Meanwhile, in a blow to skewed Republican redistricting, the Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s new unbiased redistricting. The High Court also ruled that U.S. terror victims can collect up to $2M from Iran.

Back on the presidential campaign trail, Donald Trump’s new handlers seem to be trying to convince him to put on a new, more presidential attitude, though it’s already obvious that “Trump 2.0” isn’t quite working like they thought he would.

In other news, while corporate health insurers seem to be trying to step away from the ACA, President Obama’s health insurance program continues to prove it works, especially for the poor.

In LGBT news, Target has decided to show the rest of the U.S. how they should treat transgender people – with respect and decency. Sadly, former Major League Baseball all-star Curt Schilling couldn’t seem to do the same, so ESPN fired him late Wednesday.

Former WWE star Chyna also appears to have died of a drug overdose Wednesday, while the UK’s Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 90th birthday.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Results From New York Primary

Clinton 135 (Delegates Gained) 1442 (Total)
Sanders 104 (Delegates Gained) 1198 (Total)

Trump 89 (Delegates Gained) 844 (Total)
Kasich 2nd 3 (Delegates Gained) 147 (Total)
Cruz 3rd 0 (Delegates Gained) 559 (Total)

Ari Rabin-Havt of The Agenda on Sirius XM Progress Ch 127 for Hr 1 on his new book, “Lies, Incorporated: The World of Post-Truth Politics”

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The New York primary is over, and it was a blowout in both major parties. Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders by 16 points – more solidly than many pundits thought she would. Trump defeated both Kasich and Cruz by more than 35 points – though he lost his own home county of Manhattan.

Elsewhere across the country, the social issue wars are still going on, as ignorant, GOP-controlled states are continuing to try and re-fight the battles over abortion and LGBT rights. Thankfully, there was more good news for good people Tuesday, as the Fourth Circuit Court ruled in favor of a transgender teen in Virginia – which will also affect laws in North Carolina.

Justice also looks to be coming to Flint, Michigan today, as news sources have confirmed at least three government officials will be criminally charged today in the ongoing Flint water crisis.

Our money may also be getting a proper facelift, thanks to the musical Hamilton, as well as Secretary Jack Lew, who appears ready to replace Jackson on the $20 with a woman, maybe as soon as this year.

Tuesday, April 19. 2016

Charlie Pierce of in for Hr 2

Jody Hamilton of the ‘From The Bunker’ podcast (among other entertainment ventures) LIVE in studio for Hour Three!

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New Yorkers are pulling levers and pushing buttons in both the Democratic and Republican primary elections today. For the record, both Clinton & Sanders are up by double digits in most reliable polls, and most people expect both front runners to win their party’s races handily today.

After a day of arguing immigration in front of the Supreme Court, it looks like the Republican’s refusal to add another justice to the bench, may net them a temporary victory on immigration, even if many Republicans agree that the law is on President Obama’s side.

On a state level, while North Carolina has to suffer another lost concert due to their anti-LGBT law, Michigan’s Gov. Rick Snyder says he’s going to drink filtered water from Flint for the next month, to “prove” that the water there is actually safe. Meanwhile, hundreds continue to be arrested in DC, at the ‘Democracy Spring’ event – including ice cream magnates Ben & Jerry.

Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Ash Carter says 200 more U.S. service members are being sent to Iraq to help beat ISIS, while China is attempting to prevent freaky people from ever being created by banning children of stars from appearing in reality shows.

Finally, everybody’s favorite Mom, actress Doris Roberts, who played the mother of comedian Ray Romano of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ died on Monday at the age 90.

Monday, April 18th, 2016

Lee Papa aka Rude Pundit – BY PHONE, Hr 1 (6:30)

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kim fields
Kim Fields, of Living Single, The Facts of Life, & currently The Real Housewives of Atlanta (on Bravo) & Dancing With the Stars (on ABC) in Hr 2 (7:30)

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The last big Supreme Court test of the Obama era begins today, as the eight Justices ( #DoYourJob Congress) hear oral arguments on President Obama’s extensions of DAPA & DACA.

Meanwhile, both Democratic and Republican presidential candidates are hitting the Empire State hard today, before Tuesday’s New York primary elections. She still leads Sanders in New York by double digits, after spending the weekend raising money for down-ballot Democratic candidates with actor and activist George Clooney. Not to be outdone, Sen. Sanders visited the Vatican over the weekend for a conference on economic inequality and shook hands with the Pope.

For Republicans, while Ted Cruz spent the weekend picking off delegates in places like Wyoming, Trump whined, complained – and continued to keep his double digit lead in his home state.

In other news, Brazillians look likely to impeach their president, while major earthquakes affected Ecuador and Japan over the weekend, as Saudi Arabia is attempting to threaten the U.S. over a 9/11 bill in Congress.

Finally, back home in the U.S., it looks like the musical ‘Hamilton’ may have saved the image of Hamilton from being taken off the $10.