Results From New York Primary

Clinton 135 (Delegates Gained) 1442 (Total)
Sanders 104 (Delegates Gained) 1198 (Total)

Trump 89 (Delegates Gained) 844 (Total)
Kasich 2nd 3 (Delegates Gained) 147 (Total)
Cruz 3rd 0 (Delegates Gained) 559 (Total)

Ari Rabin-Havt of The Agenda on Sirius XM Progress Ch 127 for Hr 1 on his new book, “Lies, Incorporated: The World of Post-Truth Politics”

Bob Cesca of Bob & Chez podcast & The Daily Banter (among others) in for Hr 2

Carlos Alazraqui of Fox’s ‘Bordertown’ & ‘The Sexy Liberal Show’ IN STUDIO for Hr 3

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The New York primary is over, and it was a blowout in both major parties. Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders by 16 points – more solidly than many pundits thought she would. Trump defeated both Kasich and Cruz by more than 35 points – though he lost his own home county of Manhattan.

Elsewhere across the country, the social issue wars are still going on, as ignorant, GOP-controlled states are continuing to try and re-fight the battles over abortion and LGBT rights. Thankfully, there was more good news for good people Tuesday, as the Fourth Circuit Court ruled in favor of a transgender teen in Virginia – which will also affect laws in North Carolina.

Justice also looks to be coming to Flint, Michigan today, as news sources have confirmed at least three government officials will be criminally charged today in the ongoing Flint water crisis.

Our money may also be getting a proper facelift, thanks to the musical Hamilton, as well as Secretary Jack Lew, who appears ready to replace Jackson on the $20 with a woman, maybe as soon as this year.