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It’s another busy monday, as President Obama wraps up his European trip in Germany today, where he announced he’s sending an additional 250 Special Operations forces to assist local forces fighting ISIS. At the same time, U.S. forces began a massive cyber attack on ISIS over the weekend.

In other news of strange allies, Sen. Ted Cruz & Gov. John Kasich made it clear Sunday night that they’re teaming up to fight Donald Trump to a draw, forcing the contested convention many on the right seem to be wanting.

In even stranger news, Charles Koch told ABC News’ Jon Karl over the weekend that Bill Clinton was, in many ways, a better president than George W. – and that Hillary also might be better than any of the Republicans running this cycle.

Meanwhile, Senator Sanders did himself no favors this weekend, seeming to blame poor people not voting for him as a reason his campaign seems to be losing momentum. Sanders has been losing in states with higher inequality, though he’s been losing to Fmr. Sec. Hillary Clinton, not apathy.

Finally, the Prince tributes continued over the weekend, with amazing covers of Prince songs by Bruce Springsteen, Adam Levine, and Elton John, even as Prince’s body was cremated, and his close circle held a private memorial service.