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It you were in New York City Wednesday night, it was pretty hard to miss the 27,000 fans of Sen. Sanders as he held a massive rally before tonight’s Democratic Debate with Fmr. Sec. Clinton in Brooklyn. Both Clinton and Sanders also joined union workers on the picket lines against Verizon on Wednesday.

On the Republican side, the Trumpster fire continued, as Trump is now costing the GOP upwards of $20M just for security at this summer’s convention. Things weren’t much better for Ted Cruz, who – while trying to defend his comments on New York values – now also has to defend his old job, where he tried to support a ban on dildos.

Meanwhile, North Carolina’s bigotry may cost them billions of dollars, in both public and private spending. But don’t lump everyone in the ‘Deep South’ together. Louisiana’s fairly new Democratic governor signed a new order protecting LGBT rights on Wednesday, bucking the recent trend.