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Since today is Equal Pay Day, it somehow seems sadly fitting that union members at one of the largest communications corporations in America are on the verge of a major strike. At the same time, a new study just released proves where everyone else’s raises have been going for the last 25 years – right into the pockets of the fat cats on Wall Street.

The news doesn’t get better when it comes to voting. One of the most racist Secretaries of State in America, Kris Kobach, just put out a Spanish voter guide this week – with the wrong registration deadline. As at least one former GOP staffer recently admitted, election tricks like wrong information and Voter ID are doing exactly what Republicans want – taking the right to vote away from likely Democratic voters.

Vice President Joe Biden, while noting both Democrats are highly qualified, let it slip that he personally would like to see a woman elected president. At the same time, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump keeps whining that he’s not winning it all – even though the Republican primary system has actually given him a bonus, and not harmed him.

Meanwhile, anti-LGBT forces are still trying to write discrimination into law at the state level, though North Carolina’s bigots may have finally met their match, as a major porn site has decided to also ban North Carolina users due to their new anti-LGBT law.