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After a 24 hour stretch of “unqualified” bs in the Democratic primary race for president, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders seem to once again be uniting in their support for each other over any Republican. Unfortunately, that may be a bit too late for Former President Bill Clinton, who got into a shouting match with Black Lives Matter activists in Philadelphia.

Things are far worse for Republicans right now, as their frontrunner, Donald Trump, is now viewed somewhat or significantly negatively by 7 in 10 Americans, and ⅓ of Republican voters in multiple states now say they’ll vote for the Democrat or stay home if Trump is the GOP nominee. Sen. Ted Cruz has also been seeing a severely negative reaction from New Yorkers who remember Cruz’ “New York values” slam. Meanwhile, Gov. John Kasich seems to be gaining in the polls in upcoming states.

In environmental news, the Keystone pipeline running through South Dakota had a major oil spill this week. Meanwhile, Don Blankenship, former coal mine magnate will be going to prison for a year over the Big Branch mine disaster.

There’s also more fallout from the Panama Papers leak today, this time linking UK Prime Minister David Cameron to the sketchy tax avoidance schemes.

Thankfully, it is Friday, so the Stephanie Miller Show does recommend celebrating – just don’t do it by stealing a car and doing doughnuts on the freeway.