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Ted Cruz fundraising surges in 4th quarter-Sen. Ted Cruz raised almost $20 million for his presidential campaign in the fourth quarter, a 66% increase over the previous three-month period. ever since he has gained in the polls.

Bill Cosby charged with sexual assault Story highlights-Hours after Bill Cosby set foot in a Pennsylvania courtroom to face sexual assault charges, the comedian’s attorneys called the criminal case against him “unjustified” and vowed to fight it.

Belgian police have arrested a 10th person in connection with last month’s terrorist attacks in Paris in which 130 people were killed. A Belgian citizen identified only as Ayoub B., 22, was arrested Wednesday in the Molenbeek area north of Brussels and charged with terrorist murder and participation in the activities of a terrorist organization, the federal prosecutor said in a statement.

The North Pole is getting a taste of the warm late-December temperatures that have caused such havoc in the United States. Thanks to the same low-pressure system that produced blizzards in New Mexico, tornadoes in Texas and flooding in Missouri, the North Pole was about 40 degrees above the seasonal average high on Wednesday.


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George Pataki drops Presidential bid.

Senator Rick Santorum denounces Ted Cruz saying that he is not the social Conservative that he says is.

Donald Trump continues his battle with Hillar Clinton.





CNN/ORC poll: More Americans say terrorists are winning than ever before-Americans are more likely to say that terrorists are winning the war against the United States than they have been at any point since the September 11 attacks.

Trump (nose) picks latest Tweet war with BushDonald Trump picked another fight with his Republican primary rival Monday night, retweeting an image showing Jeb Bush with his finger apparently in his nose.

According to a new CNN/ORC Poll, 75% of Americans say they are dissatisfied with the way the nation is being governed, and 69% are at least somewhat angry with the way things are going in the U.S., both metrics about as negative as they were in fall 2014.

Brutal storm barrels through the east.-The epic storm system that has claimed dozens of lives is barreling east, ready to drop ice and heavy snow in the Midwest and Northeast as well as massive rain in the Southeast.All this comes as Missouri grapples with deadly flooding and North Texas tries to clean up from both tornadoes and snow.


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Stuttering John Melendez Co-Host’s with Comedian Monique Marvez




Cruz nears Trump in Quinipiac Poll- A Quinnipiac University poll of voters nationwide released Tuesday finds that while Trump leads the GOP field with 28% support, Cruz is hot on his heels at 24% support GOP voters.

Trump & Clinton continue to battle over ISIS, Trump’s comments on her bathroom habits & Bernie Sanders joins in on the fray.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump went on a Twitter tirade Sunday after learning that voters wishing to cast a ballot in the Virginia Republican presidential primary will have to sign an oath affirming they are a member of the party.

 Jim Webb may re-enter the presidential race as an independent-Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Jim Webb may step back into the race as an independent, according to new reports.




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  • Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign has fired its national data director after he improperly accessed proprietary data from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.


  • Buffett endorses Clinton, likens Republican debate to VaudevilleI’ve listened to all the Republican debates,” he said. “I mean I used to love Abbott and Costello, people like that. This is really, I’m reliving my youth, I mean, vaudeville was never this good.”He also singled out Republican front-runner Donald Trump for bragging “every five minutes” about how smart he is.


  • US arrests man, Enrique Marquez, who supplied guns to California shooters. Federal authorities are preparing criminal charges against a man who investigators say supplied guns to the married couple who killed 14 people at a holiday party in San Bernardino, California, this month, two government sources said on Thursday.


  • S., Cuba Agree To Restore Scheduled Commercial Airline Service. The United States and Cuba have agreed to restore scheduled commercial airline service between the two countries, the U.S. State Department said on Thursday on the one-year anniversary of the Cold War foes’ decision to normalize relations.









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 Final Republican debate aftermath. It appears as though both Christie & Bush did well.

 WASHINGTON — In the wake of a school shooting in Oregon this fall, it briefly appeared that Congress was willing to reconsider its two-decade ban on the use of taxpayer dollars to research the health impact of gun violence.

 Dallas Independent School District received a terroristic threat Wednesday evening. that was similar to the warnings levied against school districts in Los Angeles and New York earlier this week.

 Congress’ half-trillion dollar spending bingeRand Paul thinks the national debt is the “greatest threat” to America’s future. Donald Trump warns that the nation is at risk of becoming “a large-scale version of Greece. But on Capitol Hill this week, just hours before they jet away for the holidays, the GOP-led Congress is going on a $680 billion spending spree — none of which will be paid for by budget cuts

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  • The last of the Republican Debates took place last night in Las Vegas with the focus on ISIS. Fireworks ensue as the Candidates fight, name call, & trash President Obama & Hillary Clinton.


  • President Obama speaks at a Naturalization Ceremony & speaks poignantly about Immigrants & how we all came from the families of Immigrants.


  • Warren Buffett takes to the stump as Clinton looks to shore up IowaWarren Buffett has long resisted calls to throw his massive wealth behind a campaign and even eschewed public rallies that would lend his vaunted reputation to a candidate.


  • A. schools to reopen Wednesday; threat against schools was ‘not credible,’ officials say. A crudely written email threat to members of the Los Angeles Board of Education prompted officials to close all 900 schools in the nation’s second-largest school system Tuesday while New York law enforcement dismissed a nearly identical threat from the same sender as an obvious hoax.


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  • President Obama announced Monday he is sending his defense secretary to Iraq to review the ongoing fight against ISIS. Obama tried once again to reassure nervous Americans that ISIS would be defeated, saying they are taking out the group’s leaders “one by one.” “We are hitting ISIL harder than ever,” Obama said.


  • Congress Has Passed Since Newtown: Oh, never mind.              Congress hasn’t passed a single piece of gun control legislation, beyond voting in 2013 to renew an expiring ban on plastic firearms, which could potentially bypass security checkpoints at airports and other locations.


  • Trump has hit a new milestone in national polling, garnering 41% of the Republican vote in a new national poll. Trump is at 41% in a Monmouth University poll out Monday, holding a wide advantage over his GOP challengers. His support was up from 28% in October.


  •  Poll: Clinton beating Trump, Cruz but not Rubio-According to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are losing to Hillary Clinton. Clinton however is behind Marco Rubio and Ben Carson in general election polling.



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  • Trump retaliates against ‘dopey’ Saudi prince-Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is returning fire against the Saudi prince who told him to drop out of the White House race.
  • Saudi prince slams Trump as ‘disgrace’ to AmericaDonald Trump has hit back at Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who said the controversial business magnate should withdraw from the presidential race.
  • Malls in 3 US states evacuated on busy holiday shopping day-Thousands of shoppers were evacuated from malls in at least three states on Saturday as bomb threats or scares disrupted one of the busiest days of year for holiday shopping.
  • Trump: Roberts ‘disgraceful’ on high court; Thomas favorite Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is “disgraceful” and a “disappointment” to conservatives, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Saturday, while praising Associate Justice Clarence Thomas is his favorite member of the high court.
  • Obama calls Paris climate pact ‘best chance’ to save the planetS. President Barack Obama on Saturday hailed the landmark climate accord reached in Paris as strong and historic, calling it the best chance to save the planet from the effects of global climate change.