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  • President Obama announced Monday he is sending his defense secretary to Iraq to review the ongoing fight against ISIS. Obama tried once again to reassure nervous Americans that ISIS would be defeated, saying they are taking out the group’s leaders “one by one.” “We are hitting ISIL harder than ever,” Obama said.


  • Congress Has Passed Since Newtown: Oh, never mind.              Congress hasn’t passed a single piece of gun control legislation, beyond voting in 2013 to renew an expiring ban on plastic firearms, which could potentially bypass security checkpoints at airports and other locations.


  • Trump has hit a new milestone in national polling, garnering 41% of the Republican vote in a new national poll. Trump is at 41% in a Monmouth University poll out Monday, holding a wide advantage over his GOP challengers. His support was up from 28% in October.


  •  Poll: Clinton beating Trump, Cruz but not Rubio-According to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are losing to Hillary Clinton. Clinton however is behind Marco Rubio and Ben Carson in general election polling.