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Another Tuesday, another election – and this one was resembled a party for millennials; extremely long lines to get in & nearly everyone got a prize. Trump and Clinton won Arizona, Sanders & Cruz won Utah, And Sanders won Idaho. So far, no one knows which Republican won in American Samoa.

The Brussels bombing investigation & manhunt continues. The two dead suicide bombers were identified as brothers, Belgian nationals, raised in Belgium, who were known to authorities & had previous criminal records. The third bomber, now the subject of a manhunt, also appears to be a Belgian national — meaning NONE of the attackers were refugees or recent immigrants.

President Obama got blasted by some on the right for not rushing back home after the bombings in Belgium, but as he told reporters at the international baseball game, the only thing terrorists can do, “is scare, and make people afraid, and disrupt our daily lives, and divide us. As long as we don’t allow that to happen, we’re going to be ok.” The Tampa Bay Rays won the game, 4-1 over the Cuban national team. President Obama and his family have already continued on to their next stop, Argentina.

In sad but bizzare news, former Toronto mayor Rob Ford has died at 46, from a rare form of cancer. Meanwhile, the cancer known as Sarah Palin may soon be getting her own TV show, where she’ll get to pretend she’s Judge Judy. Better that than she pretend she’s qualified to be president.