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It’s Wednesday, and like Sen. Sanders, we’ve all heard enough about the damned emails. And as so many on the Left have said, it turned out there was no ‘there’ there – which is basically what FBI Director James Comey said in his rare statement on Tuesday. Frankly, it sounds like Hillary’s server could have been hacked, but the FBI couldn’t prove it was. Meanwhile, we all know the State Department computers were hacked. Maybe Sec. Clinton did a better job of protecting state secrets than other parts of the government did. Unsurprisingly, Speaker Paul Ryan has already threatened to waste even more of taxpayer’s dollars to investigate FBI Director Comey’s investigation.

Of course, the rest of right-wing also went into a rabid frenzy – which they would have done no matter what, unless Hillary Clinton was tied to cross and burned – or what Trump supporters call a “weekend party.”

Speaking of Trump, he even accused Sec. Clinton of bribing the current Attorney General to not bring charges against Clinton – yet another potentially libelous statement. But the Trumpster fire wasn’t done blowing up. Trump also praised Saddam Hussein, for killing terrorists and basically being a terrifying dictator.

That bombastic behavior is on top of Trump’s anti-Semitic, anti-Hillary weekend tweet, which Speaker Ryan was also trying desperately to condemn, even as he still tried to defend Trump as the better candidate.

And in “Sick, sad, but not surprising” news, a family man in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Alton Sterling, was shot to death outside a grocery store, while selling CDs.

Only in America.