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Mama and the Mooks are back!

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both stopped in Ohio, inviting journalists on-board their planes, where Hillary answered a wide array of questions in depth while Trump said as little as possible and let Mike Pence do a lot of talking for him. Hillary is glad to explain the email “scandal” with extreme patience yet again, while Trump takes an interview with a journalist at an Ohio fair and spends all of 25 seconds shouting to a crowd about how he’ll bring jobs back to Ohio.

President Obama exercises an impressive level of patience himself as he deals with China’s inability to greet a foreign dignitary properly at the airport, as well an incredible amount of restraint when responding to Philippine President Duterte’s remarks about how he’ll cuss Obama out if he dares to ask about all the murders going on under Duterte’s regime.

Duterte exposes himself as more psycho and disgusting by the day as more is revealed about him to the American public. Not only did he just declare he’d cuss out Obama if asked about the thousands of extrajudicial killings so far this year, he also laments the fact that he didn’t get the first chance at a “beautiful” rape and murder victim who was killed in his hometown in 1989. Yes, he actually said that.

And a Florida woman is too furious to realize the car she’s burning to the ground doesn’t belong to her ex-boyfriend until it’s way too late.