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Law enforcement officials nab the New York/New Jersey bombing suspect after finding him passed out in a hallway outside a bar. Trump gleefully does a “told ya so” in that childlike way that only Trump does, while Chris Christie defends Trump for announcing it was a terrorist bombing before any facts were actually known.

Hillary Clinton reaches out to millennial voters and urges them to vote not just against something they dislike, but for something they believe in, while guest Charles Pierce argues that this election is definitely not about picking from the “lesser of two evils.”

The massive gas pipeline spill in Alabama is having a ripple effect throughout the southeast, causing gas prices to skyrocket and some gas stations to go dry. Millions of southerners are stranded and unable to go about their normal work, leaving them understandably frustrated.

And Jim Carrey is being sued for the wrongful death of his girlfriend, who allegedly OD’d on drugs provided by the actor last year.