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Today’s the big day – UNITY Day (Also known as ‘The Day We Can Officially Begin Ignoring Delusional Bernie Or Bust Folks’) – as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will be holding a joint rally (during the show!) where he’s expected to endorse her. For what it’s worth, Sen. Sanders – whom every decent Lefty has always been proud to have on our side – has pushed for and gotten some serious changes in the party platform. He’s done what so many on the Left didn’t do in 2010 and 2014 – stuck around, fought it out, and did the hard work of pressuring people he AGREES with to go just a bit harder.

Now, he’s going to do what those same people also didn’t do in 2010 and 2014 – go out and campaign hard for Democrats up and down the ballot, across the country – including and especially Hillary Clinton – so that the changes we all want will be possible in the U.S. Senate & House, the Supreme Court, and at the state level in many states.

Odd how that working ‘one’s ass off’ thing really works.

In other news, President Obama, Vice President Biden, and former President George W. Bush will all be at the memorial service in Dallas today, meeting with the families of those killed, and talking with community and police officials to see how they can be of help.

Ahead of next week’s convention, Republicans are busy crafting their official party platform, also known as ‘How to drag America back to the Stone Age.’

Meanwhile, millions of Americans aren’t paying attention to this update or anything else, other than their damned phones as they try to capture Pokemons all over the place.