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On Monday, Donald Trump rolled into the ‘Motor City’ of Detroit, and – unsurprisingly – the economic proposal he laid out there was as much of a wreck as the rest of his campaign. His advance team couldn’t even make sure the sound system worked right, so when Trump said “cities” it came out “titties” – which was actually one of the best parts of his rambling speech.

In brief, Trump’s latest version of his economic plan was the same warmed-over, right-wing, trickle-down Republican plans they’ve been pushing for more than 30 years; tax cuts for the rich labeled as “simplification”, while the middle class and poor would have to pay more.

While Trump was sputtering and choking like an unreliable old piece of crap car, Hillary Clinton was putting the hammer down in Florida. Clinton now leads in multiple polls by double digits, Republicans are leaving the GOP because of Trump, and a growing number of Republicans are even supporting her now. To say that Clinton is speeding away with the race right now is putting it mildly.

It’s not just Hillary Clinton that is kicking ass and taking names, with love and facts. The U.S. women’s gymnastics team at the Olympics in Rio got one of the highest scores ever on Monday, as the U.S. swim team kept kicking ass in the pool. Swimmer Lilly King cleanly beat her Russian rival, a woman who – like much of the Russian team – has been caught or associated with doping & cheating allegations in the past.

2016 is definitely driving forward as a year for women & winners. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is getting his ass rolled over by a woman. It’s like the ‘Freeway of Love’ – And Hillary Clinton is at the wheel.