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Donald Trump painted a grim picture of a nation under attack as he laid out plans for extreme ideological vetting in a speech in Ohio yesterday, that stayed mostly-on script. In the speech, he said Hillary Clinton lacked the “mental and physical stamina” to fight ISIS. Trump was on the offensive, trying push past several weeks of sagging poll numbers and recurring controversies.

To contrast, Vice President Joe Biden gave a brutal critique of Trump, comparing him to some of history’s most notorious dictators in his first campaign speech for Hillary Clinton in Scranton, PA.

Meanwhile, Jon Ritzheimer, who along with Amon Bundy and others overtook an Oregon wildlife sanctuary earlier this year, pled guilty to conspiring to prevent Interior Department employees from doing their jobs. As part of the plea deal, prosecutors dropped two other charges against him. Attorney’s say they will reccommend a 2 ½ year sentence.

And in Florida, gator hunting season has officially begun.