Frisch 2013
Karl Frisch, Executive Director of Allied Progress, via phone in Hr 1

Dana Goldberg, Comedian, IN STUDIO for Hr 3

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Matt Lauer stumbled through the televised presidential nominee forum with the grace of a construction worker in a ballet class, asking Hillary heavy questions that required thorough answers, then interrupting her every chance he got. Lauer also allowed Trump to ramble as he pleased and did not bother to correct him on his proven lies, continuing the modern tradition of allowing Trump to get away with anything he wants to say in the media.

Hillary again stood firm on the email “scandal,” saying she knows perfectly well how to handle classified information and that she was careful to use the right servers for them. Meanwhile, Trump hammered home the idea that Obama is a super terrible president, and that he’d do a much better job because Putin praises him so much.

Obama wearily repeated himself during a press conference, in which he again declared Trump totally unqualified to be president, adding the hope he maintains that voters will actually listen to what he says and examine his record before voting for him. Somehow, Obama manages to find a shred of optimism after all this time.

And Newt Gingrich called into Sean Hannity to join the chorus of conservative voices who have decided Hillary’s health should be the next manufactured scandal. Right on cue, Newt himself descended into his own coughing fit, right in the middle of criticizing Hillary for having one earlier in the week. At least irony isn’t dead in 2016.