Frisch 2013
Karl Frisch, Executive Director of Allied Progress, via phone in Hr 1 (9am EST / 6am PST)


Suzanne Westenhoefer, comedian, LIVE IN STUDIO – HR 1


Dana Goldberg, Comedian, IN STUDIO for Hr 3



Hillary Clinton urged supporters “not to give up” at a charity gala in Washington D.C. Wednesday night. The appearance, which aides say was planned long before last week’s stunning loss, marked Clinton’s first public remarks since conceding the election to President-elect Donald Trump.


Donald Trump may seek improved relations with Russia, but top Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham wants Vladimir Putin held responsible if the Russian government was involved in cyberhacks to disrupt the presidential elections. Graham is proposing that Congress hold a series of hearings on “Russia’s misadventures throughout the world” – including whether they were involved in “hacking into the DNC.”


Trump’s son-in-law and close adviser Jared Kushner is at the center of the “infighting” inside President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team, according to sources close to the camp.