In his State of the State address at the beginning of February, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott laid out five “emergency items” that the legislature can vote on within 60 days of the start of the session. These included passing a weak bail reform measure, punishing cities that “defund the police,” protecting companies from lawsuits related to COVID-19, and doing something something “election integrity.” The one infrastructure measure that was given emergency status was a genuinely good one: expanding broadband access for rural communities.  Of course, it’s hard to use broadband when your power is out.

The rest of Abbott’s agenda was the usual conservative culture war bullshit. “In this session, we need a law that insures that the life of every child will be spared from the ravages of abortion,” Abbott said. And “we need to erect a complete barrier against any government official anywhere from treading on gun rights in Texas. Texas must be a Second Amendment sanctuary state.” Oh, and don’t worry. Your right to get coronavirus at church will be protected: “I want a law this session that prevents any government entity from shutting down religious activities in Texas.” In other words, mostly cruel and dumb garbage that benefits no one except the politicians who have lied so much that the truth looks like a liberal conspiracy to their idiot hordes.

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