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• The Obama administration’s plans to strike at Syria lost its most important foreign ally last night when the British government said it would not take part in any military action against Syria for its suspected use of chemical weapons.

The administration will release today a declassified version of its intelligence report on last week’s purported Syria chemical weapons attack. It will also go public with its legal justification for taking military action against the Syrian regime if and when President Obama orders a strike.

All legally wed gay couples, no matter which state they live in, are entitled to the same U.S. federal tax benefits as married heterosexual couples, the Obama administration said on Thursday.

The National Football League agreed yesterday to pay $765 million to retired football players who sued the league over head injuries that they blamed on their time playing pro football.

Valerie Harper’s doctor says the actress’ brain cancer is getting close to remission. The 74-year-old former sitcom star had announced in March that she had an incurable form of cancer and was given as little as three months to live.