• Comedian Dean Obeidallah calls in at 9:30am ET / 6:30am PT to talk about why we should charge the LAX shooter with terrorism

Matthews• MSNBC’s Chris Matthews calls in at 10:50am ET / 7:50am PT to talk about his book, “Tip And The Gipper: When Politics Worked”

• Sexy Liberal Hal Sparks joins us in the Los Angeles Bureau at 11am ET / 8am PT for Humpdays With Hal

• Democrat Terry McAuliffe won the Virginia governor’s race, Republican Chris Christie won re-election in New Jersey, and Democrat Bill De Blasio won the mayor’s race in New York City in yesterday’s most-contested elections.

• Rob Ford said Tuesday he loves his job and will stay on as mayor of Toronto despite admitting for the first time that he smoked crack. Ford earlier acknowledged he smoked crack “probably a year ago” when he was in a “drunken stupor,” but balked at growing pressure on him to resign.

• The Illinois General Assembly approved a bill on Tuesday to allow gays and lesbians to marry in the Land of Lincoln, opening the path for the state to become the 15th to allow same-sex marriage. It now goes to Gov. Pat Quinn, who has vowed to sign it into law.

• Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul said yesterday he will create a “new approval process” for his speeches and written material after facing charges of plagiarism.