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• Conjuring up the specter of fired teachers, sidelined firefighters, criminals freed by cutbacks and “hundreds of thousands” of lost jobs, President Obama pressed congressional GOPers on Tuesday to agree to increase tax revenues as part of a plan to avert “brutal” across-the-board spending cuts set to take effect one week from Friday.

Marine Gen. John Allen, former commander of allied forces in Afghanistan, will retire from the military to care for his ailing wife. President Obama, who had nominated Allen to head NATO, met with the departing officer on Tuesday and accepted his request to leave the armed forces.

Illegal immigrants would face a maximum of a 13-year wait to become citizens if the Obama administration’s version of immigration reform passed, according to a leaked draft of the bill obtained by the Miami Herald.

Witnesses heard “non-stop shouting” in the home of Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius shortly before his girlfriend was shot dead, the lead detective in the murder investigation said on Wednesday.