Karl Frisch of Bullfight Strategies calls in at 9am ET / 6am PT to talk about the latest with Misstep McConnell in Kentucky

Parker• Actress Molly Parker from House of Cards on Netflix calls in at 9:30am ET / 6:30am PT to talk about Season 2 of the show

• Health care reform expert Jacki Schechner joins us in the Los Angeles Bureau at 11am ET / 8am PT for Jacki’s Healthcare Corner

• A Thai satellite has detected about 300 objects near the search area for the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner, officials in Bangkok said Thursday, but there was little chance of getting human eyes across those items in the near term as weather again forced officials to halt the search for debris by air.

• In a sweeping speech to a European audience in Brussels Wednesday, President Obama argued that the U.S. and Europe must stand together to stop Russia from undoing nearly a centuries’ worth of democratic gains with its annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

• President Barack Obama met with Pope Francis for the first time on Thursday morning – part of a jam-packed five-day tour of Europe and the Middle East. He is the ninth president to make an official visit to the Vatican, and his audience is a change of pace after three days of high-level talks with European leaders.