• Democratic strategist Karl Frisch calls in at 9am ET / 6am PT to talk about the aftermath of the State of the Union address

Michael Tomasky of “The Daily Beast” calls in at 10am ET / 7am PT to talk about what’s next after the State of the Union

• Health care reform expert Jacki Schechner calls in at 10:30am ET / 7:30am PT for “Jacki’s Healthcare Corner”

Arnold• Actress and activist Tichina Arnold joins us in the Los Angeles Bureau at 11am ET / 8am PT to tell us about the WE WIN Foundation to fight Lupus

• A day after presenting a decisively liberal agenda to the GOP-led Congress in his State of the Union address, President Obama argued that Republicans “can’t just say no” to his plans. If they disagree, he continued, “they should put forward some alternative proposals.”

• The Republican-controlled Senate acknowledged Wednesday that climate change is real but refused to say humans are to blame.

• In an embarrassing setback, House Republicans abruptly decided Wednesday to drop planned debate of a bill criminalizing virtually all late-term abortions after objections from GOP women and other lawmakers left them short of votes.