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• Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon and Republican presidential candidate, said Sunday that he has received increased scrutiny in recent days over inconsistencies in his backstory and his book because “a lot of people are very threatened” by his candidacy.

• Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declared her support Saturday for loosening regulations on marijuana and reclassifying the drug as a Schedule 2 substance, citing the benefits it could pose for medical research.

• Donald Trump’s return to “Saturday Night Live” brought dozens of protesters marching to SNL’s studios, chanting in English and Spanish and carrying signs in response to comments Trump made when he described some Mexican immigrants in the U.S. illegally as rapists and criminals.

• ISIS’ affiliate in Egypt says it brought down Metrojet Flight 9268. And U.S. officials are more confident that terrorists bombed the Russian plane. Investigators are still trying to determine how the terrorists might have been able to plant a bomb on the plane.