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• A day before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to speak to a joint session of Congress, Secretary of State John Kerry said the prime minister is welcome to speak in the U.S. but worries it injects far too much politics into the relationship.

• After three days packed with Republican stars peddling their latest book, 2016 presidential hopefuls vying for grassroots approval and business attire including tricorn hats and American flags, the long-awaited CPAC straw poll results are in, Kentucky’s Rand Paul is the winner.

• After a day marked by high drama and surprising setbacks, Congress narrowly avoided a shutdown late Friday by passing a bill extending Homeland Security funding for one week. The temporary resolution came just hours before the department’s coffers ran dry at midnight.

• Another blast of snow and ice impacted weekend plans from the Midwest to the Northeast on Sunday. Another winter storm will be taking aim on millions of Americans beginning Monday night and hitting many of the same locations that received snow over the weekend.