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• After decades in the spotlight, Hillary Clinton this Saturday in New York City will use her first major address as a 2016 presidential candidate to re-introduce herself to voters, explaining how her personal story has driven her career aims of helping children and middle class families.

• Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Thursday that his views have “evolved” since writing a 1995 book in which he claimed that lack of shame led to a rise in women giving birth out of wedlock and single men shirking their parental duties.

• Although President Obama recently approved a plan to send an additional 450 U.S. troops to Iraq, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno downplayed the notion that it represents a strategy shift. “I don’t think it’s a new strategy … because we’re continuing to execute the strategy that we have,” said Odierno.

• Before he plunged a plane into the French Alps, Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz feared he was going blind and went to see dozens of doctors, a French prosecutor said Thursday. In the month leading up to the crash, Lubitz consulted doctors seven times, including three visits to a psychiatrist.