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Comedy duo Frangela takes over this week while Stephanie and her new leaf blower take a little vacation time!

Donald Trump is the subject of a new unauthorized biography in which his childhood bully antics are revealed in detail. Fast forward to today, and he’s still putting his foot in his mouth and making everyone mad with his comments on Dwayne Wade’s murdered cousin. Meanwhile, his campaign aides must make the rounds on the cable news shows to defend him from the stupid stuff he says, as is usual by now.

Republican VP nominee Mike Pence also makes the cable news rounds, giving non-answers to upfront questions about Trump’s new, “softer” stance on immigration and the subject of “anchor babies.” Pence insists questions on “anchor babies” will be an issue to visit at a later time, and also declares the endorsement from former KKK leader David Duke is unwanted. He did not, however, say if it was unsurprising.

Ryan Lochte still can’t escape constant media coverage of the stupid things he does and says. Even the anchors at Good Morning Philadelphia devolve into crying laughter when faced with interviewing the swimmer, who seems to have barely two braincells to rub together, bless his heart.

And Kanye West is allowed several minutes to say whatever he wants at the MTV Video Music Awards, which of course leads to statements of narcissism and general insanity.