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Because this election season seems like it can always get worse, of course a new tape has leaked of Donald Trump bragging to former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush (of THAT Bush family) about his fondness for grabbing women by their crotches and kissing them whenever he wants. Finally, a Bush has done something to take Trump down.

Democrats are disgusted but far from surprised by the comments, while Hillary presumably did one of her patented victory wiggles again as soon as the news hit.

Oddly, the tape seems to be the sexist straw that finally broke the evangelical conservative’s back, because many more GOP officials and ordinary voters are turning away from Trump in droves while his poll numbers plummet. Apparently every other hideously prejudiced and cruel thing he’s said up until now just wasn’t enough.

Paul Ryan gets heckled off the stage by Trump supporters at a Wisconsin “Fall Fest” for daring to say that Trump is too offensive for him to vote for, and Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway really wishes CNN would stop using the phrase “sexual assault” to describe the sexual assaults Trump has historically enjoyed partaking in.