Karl Frisch of Bullfight Strategies calls in at 9am ET / 6am PT to co-host Right Wing World

• Comedian Margaret Cho calls in at 9:30am ET / 6:30am PT to talk about her new tour, her DVD, and her new television show

Tammy Duckworth, who is running for Congress from Illinois, calls in at 10am ET / 7am PT to talk about her run to unseat Rep. Joe Walsh

Cliff Chenfeld, record industry executive, joins us in the Los Angeles Bureau at 10:20am ET / 7:20am PT to talk about his new Progressive online media hub, “The Message”

Ari Berman of The Nation and “Herding Donkeys” calls in at 11am ET / 8am PT to talk about the Texas Voter ID trial

• Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney yesterday took his message to the NAACP delivering a speech that was received with mixed response — including multiple instances of prolonged boos.

The GOP-led effort to repeal President Obama’s health care law passed the House of Representatives yesterday, successfully setting up campaign talking points for the coming months, but accomplishing little else.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) is currently being treated for a “mood disorder”, his doctor’s office said today. The office would not give any further information, citing privacy.