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• After the two political conventions, President Obama leads Mitt Romney in three of the most important battleground states, according to new NBC/WSJ/Marist polls. In both Florida and Virginia, Obama is ahead of Romney by five points among likely voters, 49%-44%. In Ohio, the president’s lead is seven points, 50%-43%.

Chicago teachers uncomfortable with a tentative contract offer decided Sunday to remain on strike, insisting they need more time before deciding whether to end a standoff with Mayor Rahm Emanuel that will keep 350,000 students out of class for at least two more days.

• Paul Ryan, the GOP vice presidential candidate, on Saturday said that he and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney would reverse four years of “debt, doubt and decline” by improving the economy, preserving Medicare and strengthening the nation’s defense.

Rick Santorum accused President Barack Obama of “coddling and appeasing” America’s enemies and said the Obama administration is at least partially responsible for ongoing violence in post-Arab Spring nations.