We’re off Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving. Relive our trip to the DNC during those days (happier times).

We’ll be back Monday, November 28th!


Some great links mentioned on the show this week:

#1. I’m not in the mood for ‘unity.’ At the end of the day, Trump’s still a bigot’: http://hrld.us/2fWhHx0


#2. ‘NSA Chief says Russia hacked the 2016 Election’: http://bit.ly/2f1BCcF


#3. ‘Still Time for an Election Audit’: http://usat.ly/2fnTHTg


#4. Huffington Post – ‘ Hillary Clinton Has Grounds To Challenge Election Results, Activists Say’: http://huff.to/2gzLUWV (Article includes a petition demanding a recount and a forensic audit)


#5. CNN – ‘Computer scientists to Clinton campaign, challenge election results’: http://cnn.it/2fnruLA


Also, here’s where you can sign the Change.org petition asking the electoral college to make Hillary Clinton President on December 19: http://bit.ly/2g111IN