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Donald Trump continues his depressing rust belt rallies for bitter white folk, this time stopping in Pennsylvania to let them know that our country “looks bad to the world” and that we can’t be good world leaders if we can’t even control our own cities during riots. Ah, Trump, an iron fist with baby fingers that only Vladimir Putin could love!

Hillary Clinton visits the Between Two Ferns show, hosted by Zach Galifianakis, where Zach awkwardly peppers her with questions about her duties as “secretary” and how Obama likes his coffee. People who don’t understand satire, AKA Republicans, were quick to point out how weird she is and how bad the interview went, because apparently it never occurs to them that Hillary might be in on the joke and have a sense of humor.

Hillary also switches into anger mode, when she joined a video conference for a labor union and demanded to know why she’s not 50 points ahead of this con-man, and how we need to get Trump’s horrible record out there. Hard to argue with there.

And Trump’s Las Vegas hotel workers are protesting and demanding benefits equal to that of other hotels – something he has denied them as he underpays them and forbids a union.