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Top Stories

Sad loser Donald Trump insists that his newly-scheduled “Town Hall” meeting isn’t an attempt to distract from or practice for Sunday’s debate. He then goes on to say that Hillary isn’t doing debate prep, she’s resting because she’s obviously a total weakling.

Tim Kaine continues to land accurate jabs on The Orange One when he criticizes Trump for saying he’d cut off all U.S. ties with China if they dared retaliate against his trade policies by keeping Chinese citizens from visiting his Las Vegas properties. Kaine reminds us that Trump would sooner put his own bottom line ahead of America’s best interests.

Mike Pence squirms on CNN while Chris Cuomo tells him that by not speaking up, Pence tacitly approves of the hateful things Trump has been saying. Pence responds with laughing over Cuomo and then saying something along the lines of, “b-b-but Hillary said deplorables!” No one is impressed.

And Senator Harry Reid lays into Trump for being a complete moron by incorrectly lecturing a group of Reno, Nevada residents on the right way to say ‘Nevada.’