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A hell of a week – and in a morbid & sad way, a very, very American week.

Last night, in Dallas, a shooter attacked as a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest walked through the streets. He shot 12 police officers and 2 civilians, killing 5 officers. This, in the wake of the killings this week of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando “Phil” Castile in Minnesota.

President Obama, at his last ever NATO summit in Warsaw, Poland immediately addressed the Minnesota and Louisiana shootings as soon as he stepped off the plane – but before the attacks in Dallas. Within 12 hours, the President was at the lectern again, addressing the killings of police officers in Dallas.

All of this happening at the same time that Republicans in Congress not only welched on their promise to allow a vote on new gun safety legislation. House Republicans have indefinitely delayed any vote on gun safety legislation, while threatening to punish House Democrats for disrupting the rules, because House Democrats desperately want to pass new gun safety legislation.

What Republicans in Congress did show they wanted to do Thursday was throw a tantrum because the FBI and DOJ didn’t find the Sec. Hillary Clinton broke any laws in using her own email server. So now, they’re promising to do an investigation of the investigation of the investigation. But still no gun safety laws.

We know. We’re shaking our heads too.
Be kind to one another this weekend. We all need all the help we can get.