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Another day, and sadly another terrorist attack, again in France. This time, it was in the seaside town of Nice (pronounced ‘Neece’), where French citizens and tourists were watching the Bastille Day fireworks – bascially, France’s ‘Independence Day’ – when a crazed terrorist drove a semi truck into a crowd of people killing at least 80.

While it’s not entirely surprising that our presidential candidates and their surrogates called into the cable news shows after the horrific event, what some of them said was a bit surprising – and that’s even considering all the trash that’s come out of Donald Trump’s mouth this cycle.

Trump called into Fox, and in talking with Bill O’Reilly said that he’d not only go to Congress to have them declare a formal war against ISIS, but that what we’re looking at is a new world war, one he seemed excited to get other people’s children to die in.

It got worse. Newt Gingrich called into Fox to say not only should America fight terrorism, but that we should test every Muslim in America by asking if they believe in sharia law, and if they do we should deport them. Gingrich also said that everyone looking at or creating a website that talked about terrorists should be arrested. There goes your free speech rights.

Hillary Clinton also called in, both to CNN and Fox, and admitted that we appear to be in a war against radical jihadists. But, as you’d expect with someone experienced with hard choices & diplomacy, she noted this is not like any other war we’ve ever fought. We have to be careful, diligent, and strengthen our alliances with people all over the world – including Muslims – in order to fight the radical extremists.

In other words, Hillary Clinton understands the nuances of this horrible fight.
Trump still just wants to ‘bomb the sh** out of ‘em’ like a child.