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Top Stories

The Hillary Clinton campaign releases a scathing anti-Trump ad showing just how much white nationalists are in love with him, while Donald is still trying to claim Hillary is the bigot in this election.

Donald Trump gives a speech in New Hampshire where he hits on the same tired old points – the media covers up Clinton’s crimes, the system is rigged, and so on. Trump goes so far as to claim he’s the first person in the campaign to use the term rigged, and that he made it popular all on his own.

Hillary Clinton gives a speech in Reno, Nevada, calling out Trump for his cynicism and silent “dog whistles” to hate groups, which he has now made mainstream. She also refers to his “paranoid fever dream” about her health, to which she responds “keep dreaming.” Ouch.

Students at the University of Texas are protesting guns on campus using, well… sex toys. Chanting things like “c*cks not glocks,” the students point out the stupidity in laws that ban sex toys while promoting guns on campuses.

And a meteorologist who was a longtime climate change skeptic finally comes around and admits global warming is, in fact, probably a real thing.