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Sean Hannity hosts Donald Trump for a Fox News “town hall meeting” that seems more like a pro-Trump rally. The heavy-handed theme centers around terrorism and how Donald plans to fix it. Hannity helpfully reminds viewers of all the terror incidents so far this year with a highlight reel, just in case any of us forgot we’re supposed to be very afraid, all the time. Trump, naturally, bemoans the fact that his rich friends can no longer vacation in the City of Lights because terrorism has ruined France forever.

Rudy Giuliani cannot stop gushing over how great Trump’s speeches have been this week. Without a hint of irony, Giuliani enthusiastically proclaims Trump speeches have been not only been “substantive” but also the greatest speeches given by any Republican ever in the history of America.

Meanwhile, some people are still trying to argue that black people who don’t like Trump are getting it all wrong. Pro-Trump pastor Darrell Scott stops by Fox News to announce that not only have black people been tricked by Democrats into believing Trump is a racist, but that they also fail to understand satire.

Dr. Drew declares he is gravely concerned about Hillary Clinton’s health, and goes on to describe the myriad ways in which she is unhealthy, as well as how her doctors are doing everything wrong and living in a 1950s time warp. Surprisingly, Newt Gingrich is emerging as the voice of reason in this latest right-wing conspiracy on Hillary’s health.