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Obama Makes Historic Visit To U.S. Mosque-Obama wants to highlight the American right to freedom of religion for all, including Muslims.-U.S. President Barack Obama visited a U.S. mosque on Wednesday and declared that attacks on Islam were an attack on all faiths in a move to counter rhetoric from Donald Trump and other Republican presidential candidates that have alienated Muslims.

Trump says he ‘probably will’ sue over results of Iowa caucuses-Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump on Wednesday said he would likely file a formal complaint over the results of the Iowa caucuses, accusing primary rival Ted Cruz of “voter fraud.”

Rick Santorum To Suspend Presidential Campaign: Report.-Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum (R) is suspending his presidential campaign, CNN and The Washington Post report.

Clinton, Sanders agree to four more debates-Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have agreed to four more debates beginning with a Thursday night showdown in New Hampshire, the Democratic National Committee confirmed to The Hill.